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Sentinel Pine Orchards
832 Witherell Road
Shoreham, Vermont

Sentinel Pine Orchards Staff - Sentinel Pine Orchards Family PictureSentinel Pine Orchards is a 500-acre orchard that sits on the shores of Lake Champlain. This orchard has been in the Blodgett family for 45 years and was passed from father to son in 1999. This orchard is part of the Vermont Land Trust and will be preserved as agricultural land forever. 

This orchard started out with 27 acres, and now Sentinel Pine has over 200 acres of some of the finest McIntosh and Macoun apples grown in Addison County (as well as other varieties).

Our goal at Sentinel Pine is to produce the highest quality and best tasting apples possible. This is done by implementing Good Agricultural Practices, using integrated pest management guidelines, and properly caring for the land. Sentinel Pine Orchard achieved a Superior Rating from the Scientific Certification Systems for their fine job in Growing and Harvesting the fruit.  

Sentinel Pine ApplesWe work closely with Cornell University to stay abreast of the latest technologies related to growing, storing, and packing apples. After harvest, we store and pack our fruit in our state-of-the-art Packing Facility. 

We use Controlled Atmosphere rooms to store the apples and maintain them in a fresh-picked state. Our packers are experts in handling and sorting the fruit, assuring only the highest quality fruit go out to our customers. Sentinel Pine Orchards achieved an Excellent Rating from the Scientific Certification Systems for their fine job in good handling practices.

Sentinel Pine ApplesWe ship apples throughout the United States and have customers from as far as Florida, North Carolina, and Houston, Texas, calling to get our tasty apples! We give tours and consultation about growing, picking, and packing apples. People young and old enjoy coming to the orchard and learning about how to pick apples, how to care for the trees, and the process of getting the apples ready for market.

We also offer a unique fundraising opportunity for groups in Vermont. Sell once and collect throughout the session! Your group will earn $5.00 for each sale. For any reorders we get from your customers, we will send you $2.50. This offer lasts throughout the season, September–May. Get in on this deal early in the season to maximize your profits! This is a great fundraiser for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

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